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Privacy Policy

Prime Technology Partners recognize the privacy concerns of our customers and potential customers who visit our web site. We want you to be aware that we collect information through our web site for our internal use. We intend to use information collected only in the normal course of our business and as permitted by law. No personal information is required when you visit our web site, however, certain information is collected in order to help us to better provide the products and services we offer.

We may store a cookie on your computer when you visit our web site. A cookie is a piece of information that is required to create and maintain a secure session. Our cookies do not track a user after leaving our web site.

We may keep the e-mails you send to us. Please be careful about the information you give us in e-mail. As with any public web site, this communication may not be secure.

We may provide links to other web sites on our site. We are not responsible for the collection, use, or security of information by the companies or organizations outside of our site. Please read the privacy policies of those web sites reached through the use of links from our site.

For further information regarding our privacy policy or for information we may have received from you, please contact us at